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Bigg Boss 5: Sneak Peak Inside the Bigg Boss 5 House Pics

Captains Room Preview

Dinning Area

Complete View

Kitchen Area 4

Swimming Preview

Confession Room Preview

The 14 Bigg Boss 5 housemates will soon be revealed as the flagship COLORS’ reality show hits television screens on 2 October. However, one question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s the Bigg Boss House going to be like this season?” Well, it’s different, and how! The 9000 square feet area comes with great surprises this season. Firstly this season the house is more compact, leaving barely enough space for each housemate to spend some time by themselves. Second, the jail is back! Double Vaat means punishments galore and the bad guy will surely get locked up. And third the kitchen sink that has been placed in the garden area to irk the housemates. If one thing can be guaranteed when you look at the house, it’s the fact that tolerance levels will be tested and arguments will erupt!

The design is rather transparent where in one can view the entire expanse from the entry of the house to the bedroom all in one go, including the outdoor and living section of the house. After last year’s drama involving a single bedroom for the house’s 14 housemates, this year’s house will again see two separate bedrooms with no differentiation for the sexes. The bedrooms of the house are tastefully done up in shades of green and fuchsia with a hint of white, brown and yellow. Maintaining tradition since last year, there’s a special bedroom for the Head-of-House who will get some luxuries’ and special privileges.

The entire house has a very contemporary feel to it. Most of the colors that make up the interiors belong to contrasting families, making it a visual treat. Interior designer Shayam Bhatia has done a great job designing this haven that will witness tons of drama and manipulation.

To see the elaborate Bigg Boss 5 house, tune into the inaugural episode of Bigg Boss 5 on 2 October at 8 pm only on COLORS as hosts Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan take you through a tour of the Bigg Boss 5 house and share their take on Double Vaat moments!

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