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Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2012 Teams

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The following are the teams participating in CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) 2012 –

  • Mumbai Heroes
  • Telugu Warriors
  • Karnataka Bulldozers
  • Chennai Rhinos
  • Bengal Tigers
  • Kerala Strikers

CCL 2012 Schedule Fixture

The following is the schedule table of CCL 2012 matches –

Date Day Time Match Venue
13 Jan Friday 9 pm Mumbai Heroes Vs Telugu Warriors Sharjah
14 Jan Saturday 9 pm Mumbai Heroes Vs Chennai Rhinos Sharjah
15 Jan Sunday 6 pm Bengal Tigers Vs Karnataka Bulldozers Bengaluru
21 Jan Saturday 2 pm Kerala Strikers Vs Chennai Rhinos Hyderabad
21 Jan Saturday 6 pm Telugu Warriors Vs Karnataka Bulldozers Hyderabad
22 Jan Sunday 2 pm Bengal Tigers Vs Chennai Rhinos Kochi
22 Jan Sunday 6 pm Kerala Strikers Vs Mumbai Heroes Kochi
28 Jan Saturday 2 pm Telugu Warriors Vs Kerala Strikers Chennai
28 Jan Saturday 6 pm Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Chennai Rhinos Chennai
29 Jan Sunday 2 pm Bengal Tigers Vs Telugu Warriors Bengaluru
29 Jan Sunday 6 pm Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Mumbai Heroes Bengaluru
4 Feb Saturday 2 pm Kerala Strikers Vs Bengal Tigers Hyderabad
4 Feb Saturday 6 pm Telugu Warriors Vs Chennai Rhinos Hyderabad
5 Feb Sunday 2 pm Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Kerala Strikers Kolkata
5 Feb Sunday 6 pm Bengal Tigers Vs Mumbai Heroes Kolkata
11 Feb Saturday 2 pm Semi Final 1 Chennai
11 Feb Saturday 6 pm Semi Final 2 Chennai
12 Feb Sunday 6 pm Final Hyderabad

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73 Responses to "CCL SEASON 2 2012 – SCHEDULE TIME TABLE"

  1. sachin says:

    hi i am sachin i like chennai

  2. guna says:

    hai i am guna i like chennai team

  3. Bibin says:

    hi i am Bibin i like mumbai heros and I also would like a match in Delhi

  4. ravi kumar says:

    im ravi.4m hydrabad….i suporte my team..hyds rockzz..


    im moonish salem….i support my team….Chennai rhinoceros

  6. Revayya says:

    Karnataka Bulldozers always Rockszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….NAVU KANNADIGARU BANNI NODKOTIVE E SARI NAVE CHAMPIONS…….

  7. raghavendra hk says:

    i like stylish star kiccha and karnataka he is like an sourav gangooly in captency

  8. rajesh kerala says:


  9. AGIL says:

    i support KERALA STRIKERS.suerly they will win CCL 2012

  10. vinish varghese says:

    hai…i am vinish. i like kerala teams.

    1. Jesson Naranganam says:

      We support Kerala Strikers

  11. zulfi says:

    Mumbai Heros will be the champion of this additional CCL2… The way of mumbai heros performance was amazing……It should be very tough for other site..

  12. prithvi says:

    im sure dis time karnataka buldozers r going to win ….all the best karnataka …. kicchha and dhruv rockzzzzz…

  13. sriramgoud says:

    hai heros ilike Telugu Warriors winnar of the warriors i full suporting

  14. Srithika says:

    I support KERALA STRIKERS.I think they will win in CCL2

  15. vikas says:

    telugu warriors will be the champions of this adition ccl2 . the way telugu warriors performed was absolutly mind blowing . this team is the dangerous team in ccl

  16. dani says:

    Kerala strikers will strike……… for sure……….

  17. aashiq says:

    my team Mumbai Heroes will win

  18. Shibu P Samuel says:

    Hai all,,, Our team is Kerala strikers..

  19. shahid says:

    mumbai heroes rocks

  20. Harish says:

    Hi! I M Harish Kotian i Support For Sudeep Kiccha Karnataka Bulddozars.!
    Yen Batting I Love Karnataka!
    2012 Champian!

  21. ajmal khan says:

    lalettan ki jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. vignesh says:

    kerala strikers.this is our first season but i sure strikers adichpolikum

    1. Lings says:

      Karnataka will win

  23. Santosh says:

    This time Karnataka Bulldozers will be the champions
    Because last session we missed the cup in bit mistake
    kiccha rocks with support of Druva Sharma

  24. GOPI NAGALAPUR says:

    Hi i am Gopi from Bengaluru and My favourite team is Karnataka bulldozers.. and it will be rock this season and get the cup..
    all d best Kichha..

  25. SOORAJ says:

    kerala strikers will win the CCL 2012.wish all the best

  26. ABHI says:

    karnataka r the…heroes….

  27. ABHI says:

    kb wil surely win

  28. sekhar says:

    my favourite team is telugu warriors…………… def my team wil win the trophy

  29. srinivas says:

    My favourite team is Karnataka buldozers & my favourite player is Rajiv 1st dowm batsman!

  30. prasad s kotian says:

    karnataka buldozers alwaays rokzzzz..i love dharshan ,kiccha and tharun chandra…….

  31. anto says:

    All the best for one and one the king of Kollywood super stars Chennai rhinoceros will win the one can bet mundinch modhi paru.

  32. henry paul says:

    i like telugu wariors verrrrrrry much

  33. henry paul says:

    hi im henry paul from guntakal andhrapredesh i would like to vote for telugu wariors bcause i love kajol agarwal

  34. Sooraj Us says:

    kerala strikers will become champion this time………..

  35. ADITHYA says:

    Hello everyone
    I am Adithya from Nellore ,A.P. I would like to support my team Telugu Warriors and I am sure that they will win CCL 2012.Noone can beat Akhil.

  36. shiva says:

    Hey in which tv this is telecasted no info any where yaar

  37. suresh kumar k says:

    hi i like this sports then very important show . vikranth and vishnu super and all so

  38. venkat ud says:

    Karnataka will rockzzzzzzz

  39. venkat ud says:

    jai karnataka

  40. Kavya says:

    Karnataka always rockzzzzz….. Last time we missed it but not everytime!!!! Sure our Bulldozers will prove this time:) Strongest Team…!!!!

  41. Vijaykumar says:

    Hi This is Vijay form Hosakote Win by Karnataka….


  42. Raghu says:

    KARNATAKA BULLDOZERS will b the champion of ccl 2012. Jai Karnataka jai KICCHA SUDEEEEP.

  43. shekhar says:

    Kichcha Sudeep his b best captan of our team. goodluck Kichchaaaaa…

  44. Narsaiah jagithyala says:

    my fovourite team is Telugu warrios win the trophy telugu warrios

  45. dinesh says:

    i am support the rhinos you should win CLL 2012

  46. krishnendu says:

    Best of luck Bengal tigers.

  47. faisal says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,kerala will winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  48. rocky says:

    i like darshan sudeep my support to karnataka bulldozers …i am looking to see darshan bating

  49. Amal says:

    Kerala strikers …the real heros…

  50. Rohith gowda says:

    jai karnataka mathe i well sup karnataka buldozers cup namde

  51. raju says:

    telugu warriros win the ccl 2012 title.akil man of the match and man of the series.

  52. ganeshprasad says:

    we are heartly wel come to ccl to bengal tigers india only two religion cricket /cinema

  53. srikanth says:

    hi im srikanth i support telugu warriors

  54. Sreevan.K says:

    Hi I Am Sreevan, I Support Kerala strikers. Lalettan He proved He is not only a good actor also a good cricketer and a good Captain.

  55. ancy joseph says:

    kerala strikers always rocks….

  56. Nagesh Reddy says:

    This CCL is going to be Kerala Striker’s!!..They will surely win the game!!

  57. Anuroop R says:

    I’m Anuroop i support “AMMA KERALA STRIKERS” i think they will win CCL2 AMMA KERALA KI JAI………………………… All the Best My all Players

  58. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Chennai is The Real Champions…
    No one can beat Chennai…
    Chennai Alwayz Rocks…

  59. Renjith Radhakrishnan says:

    I am from kearla…
    I agree Mahesh Kumar Statement….

  60. prashant says:

    this time cup is ours ie karnataka buldogers

  61. venki says:

    Karnataka teme is super and veera madakari sudeep is rock

  62. kiran kumar says:

    telugu warriors rockzzzzzzzzz

  63. naga.kicha says:

    hai im nagraj nanu karnataka buldogerge support madtini sudeep rockzzzzz nan makala bani tamilore mathe telgore nimge opp e sala

  64. Prem says:

    We Support Karnatak Bulll dozzers…

  65. ansar says:

    i am ansar, ilike kerala team,
    i favorate player “raju pillay”

  66. Anand T Nadar says:

    In CCL my favourite team is Chennai Rhinos but I hope that the CCL 2nd cup will win by the karnataka bulldozers Because I like the captainship of karnataka bulldozers Sudeep Kiccha

  67. Srinivas says:

    Hi Iam Seenu,
    Telugu Warriors are the Final Winners

  68. Srinivas says:

    iam 100% Sure

  69. achu says:

    i like rajeev …..good going ….kb …i like …u guys

  70. achu says:

    my favorite team is karnataka buldozers and my favourite player is RAJEEV a first down batsman……i like u soo much……..

  71. Manikuttan says:

    Hi , am manikuttan am support kerala strikerz , rocking strikers, next championzzzzzzz

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